Thanksgiving 2017 was a Thanksgiving to remember.  And looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to share some of my favs from last year.

thanksgiving - stuffing

One of my very favorites was the salad, pictured below. It is a herbed kale salad with persimmon, pomegranate and maple-cumin dressing. Let me tell you, it is as delicious as it sounds. The dressing is poured on the kale and rests, to give it some time to soak in. Then its tossed with the persimmons, walnuts, pomegranate and parmesan. It is so good.

thanksgiving - salad

This herbed potato salad is honestly the best potato salad I’ve ever had. Wow, what a bold statement. But it is true. Small potatoes are roasted, then tossed with a dijon mustard dressing, and lots of dill and chives. I would take this over mashed potatoes any day.

thanksgiving - potatoes

Stuffed delicata squash! First of all, delicata squash is simply adorable. It is tall and has stripes and is very aesthetically pleasing. And when they’re stuffed with onions, kale, blue cheese, cranberries, pecans, etc. it takes them to another level. They are easy to make, but definitely a crowd pleaser.

thanksgiving - squash

Last, but most definitely not least, spiced pear cake. This cake is bursting with pear flavor that screams fall. And it has a spiced cinnamon syrup that is brushed on each layer, making it super moist. Then, the frosting is a honey caramel frosting that is oh so good. This cake is the perfect balance to the many delicious pies that we usually have on Thanksgiving. I promise you need this at your dessert table!

thanksgiving - cake 3thanksgiving - cake 2

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Here are the links for the recipes:

herbed kale salad with persimmon, pomegranate and maple-cumin dressing


roasted new potato salad + herb dressing


whole-roasted stuffed delicata squash


spiced pear cake with honey caramel frosting


I hope your coming Thanksgiving is a Thanksgiving to remember!


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