Kimchi Toast

Kimchi toast! Kimchi toast! Kimchi toast!

Okay, but seriously, I am v excited about this kimchi toast.

A few months ago I was eating some avocado toast and all the sudden was craving some kimchi on it too. Sadly enough I didn’t have any kimchi at that exact moment, but the idea stayed in my mind. But the second I got some kimchi, this was a must. I mean, just look at it….


When I was younger I actually hated kimchi. I thought it was too strong and didn’t taste good. I don’t really know when that changed, but it did, in a big big way. I am now a BIG fan of kimchi. Big fan. It is delicious. And it is so good for you! Kimchi is fermented cabbage, so it is really good for your gut. It helps with digestion and does all kinds of good things for you. So we should all be eating a little more kimchi.


I always wanted to make my own kimchi, but had always heard that to make it you have to bury it in the ground for a long time. I wasn’t really down to dig a hole in my backyard for some kimchi, so I always resorted to buying it at the Asian market, for a pretty cheap price. BUT, a few weeks ago my husband and I went to a food festival, where there were several vendors giving out free samples, and in the corner was this older man handing out kimchi. This man automatically became a legend. Giving out free kimchi? What a guy. We went to check it out and soon discovered that he was selling a self-fermenting bottle top that he had invented! Wow. Okay. If I had “invented a self-fermenting bottle top” on my resume there would be no limit on the places I could go. Needless to say we bought one. And it is awesome. You just stir up all the ingredients, put it in a big mason jar, and put this lid on top. 5 or so days later, you have perfect kimchi.

Sadly I can’t find his business card, and can’t find his website, so regretfully can’t help you good people get one of these magical jars. BUT I WILL SEARCH MY HOUSE to find his business card and update this post. So check back soon. Please. But easily enough, if you don’t have a self-fermenting jar, or aren’t interested in ever making your own kimchi, you can buy it at the Asian market! Hope is not lost. You can still make this toast. And I highly encourage you do. Like, soon.


One last thing. I have always been a fan of avocado toast, but sometimes its good to mix it up just a little. This combination of scrambled eggs, kimchi, avocado and mozzarella will do just the trick. Promise.


Kimchi Toast

serves 1


  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/4 cup kimchi
  • 1 tbsp mozzarella
  • season salt, to taste


Toast your bread, and while it is toasting, scramble your egg. Thinly slice the avocado. Place the egg on the toast, then spread out the avocado and place it on top. Place kimchi on the sides or top, then finish off with mozzarella and season salt.


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