Welcome to The Palatable Life! My name is Mallory and cooking is my jam.

I grew up in a home with a mom and dad who were foodies. They constantly introduced my brothers and me to new foods and taught us how to make it all. We were always trying new recipes from different cultures and places. This gave me a vast exposure to food and cooking, but it wasn’t until I left home for 18 months to serve a mission for my church that my creative culinary side emerged. As a missionary we had a short time for each meal, limited funds, and were only allowed to go to the grocery store once a week. Oh, and on top of all that I had no access to the internet so I had no way to look up new recipes. These limitations were things I had never faced before and forced me to think outside the box. Thus recipes like Massaman Curry Green Beans were born.

Once I returned home from my mission and those limitations were taken away, my love for cooking exploded. I began trying different recipes and coming up with new ideas everyday. Ever since then, the flame has just gotten bigger. I decided to make this food blog to share all the recipes I love.

I am passionate about being healthy. I’m obsessed with vegetables and love finding ways to substitute ingredients to make dishes healthier. Its essential to take good care of our bodies, and so much of that comes down to what we eat! With that said, its important to have a balance in life. While I do put much effort into eating healthy, I love a good dessert.

This blog is filled with recipes I adore. I hope you enjoy my corner of the internet! Feel free to reach out to me on the “contact” page. I would love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Instagram for more photos and videos.